Ramen noodles
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Ramen noodles

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We just love ramen! (Recipes, information and tons of noodles)

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Ramen noodle recipes

  doritos salad   Doritos extreme salad  
  Submitted by: Shanna Red (Oelrichs, United-States)
  This has to be one of our most popular recipe. With   doritos, beef and noodles, you can't go wrong!
  vegetable soup recipe   Imperial Veggie soup 
  This is the ultimate vegetarian noodle soup, with shiitake   mushrooms, green peppers, dried kelp, bamboo and   scallions, there is no chicken or beef in here!
  bok choy   Bok choy noodles  
  snack mix
  This great bok choy salad recipe from china is healthy,   ready in a few minutes and delicious. Try or retry this   great asian cabbage.
  oriental pasta   Pineapple Meatballs 
  Submitted by: Jennifer Wilson
  Noodles and meatballs, that is a pretty good   combination. A great meal with oriental flavors.
  noodle seafood   Seafood noodles  
  This is an elegant noodle dish that is a bit more   expensive than what we are used to cook, but why not   try it, it's delicious and a lot better than the soup base!
  spam doodle   Spam Doodles
  Submitted by: Beth Howle (Summerville, United-States)
  We'll all agree that we needed a recipe with spam!   Thanks a lot to Beth for this great dish.
  three cheese   Ultracheese noodles 
  This is one intense recipe with three kind of cheese and   way, way too much salt. This is extreme and it's only to   try if you have a strong stomach!
  vegetable soup   Vegetable noodle soup  
  Submitted by: Patricia Roberts (Ontario, Canada)
  A great vegetable soup recipe, it taste so good, it might   become more popular than lipton soup.. some day!
  jello   Jello and Noodles  
  Jell-O is delicious! Noodles are delicious! Mixing both,   we can only end up with a delicious dessert.. right?
  Right? Well, we sure found out!
If you are looking for the authentic japanese dishes or some new things to try for dinner, we have over 25 complete dish ideas with pictures and step by step intructions. A lot of noodle dishes are available in the different sections!

Also, if you're looking for information, you can browse the encyclopedia! Make sure to come back often, ramenlicious is updated at least one time a week. We'll make sure that you have many more options than only the chicken ramen soup base. We will add a lot more japanese ramen soup in the next few weeks since we noticed that is what many users are looking for!


: Delicious noodle recipes
The website offers you tons of recipes, a lot of information in the encyclopedia and a brand new ninja section. Make sure to take a look as you might find some great dishes to try tonight or some information about your favorite noodles. The new section features the different reasons why ninjas enjoy noodles and the popular place when they eat them!

Top ramen recipes

The website features soup and dishes with step by step instructions, ingredients and cook times.
Delicious ramen noodle recipes with authentic japanese soup broth and fresh ingredients!
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