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  Ramen quick facts

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How important are ramen in the Japanese culture?
Instant-ramen was named the greatest “made in Japan” invention of the 20th century in a Japanese poll by The Fuji Research Institute Corporation.
Top 5:
#1 Instant-ramen
#2 Karaoke
#3 Headphone stereos
#4 TV game players
#5 Compact disks

How much instant ramen are eaten worldwide every year? (2005)
Annual consumption:
Worldwide: 85.7 billion (85 700 000 000!) meals
China: 44.3 billion meals
Japan: 5.4 billion meals
United-States: 3.9 billion meals
Ramenlicious headquarters: "More than some small countries"

How long would all noodles in one package strech?
51 metres! Yes, that’s more then two times the length of a tennis court.

tennis court num2

How many brands of instant ramen are there?
983 brands certified by Japan Convenience Foods Industry Association.

What is the percentage of packaged and cup-type noodles?
Packaged ramen: 37.2%
Cup-type noodles: 68.8%

Hmm.. lobster or ramen?
Did you know that instead of buying a 1 pound lobster for 10$, you could get close to 100 ramen packages, that is 18.74 pounds of noodles!

Ramen for disasters relief?
Because it can be cooked quickly, it’s easy to transport and store, instant ramen makes the perfect food material for international disaster relief.

Ninjas love ramen
It's proven that almost all ninjas just love ramen noodles you can find reasons why eat ramen or where to eat ramen!

Ramen noodles become more and more popular everywhere in the world
If you live in a big city anywhere else than Japan, have you noticed that there are more types of noodles available at your supermarket. It's because they become more popular and that many large manufacturers are now looking for the international market.

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