Ice cream ramen
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  Caramel Ice Cream Ramen

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ice cream ramen

Name: Caramel Ice Cream Ramen
Category: Dessert
Our rating: w1
Difficulty: Easy
Ready in: 5 minutes

Caramel ice cream, a 5 stars dessert all by itself? Let's try to make it even better!

You will need:
- 1 package of ramen noodles (crushed)
- 2 cups of caramel ice cream (or any other flavor, really)
- 1/3 cup of vegetable oil
- a cooking pan

How to cook:
The noodles
While the noodles are still in the package, break them in small pieces.
2. Put the vegetable oil in the cooking pan.
3. Turn on the stove and wait for the oil to heat up.
4. Put your noodles in the cooking pan.
5. Since ramen are dehydrated, you have to be careful not to burn them. Always gently shake the cooking pan.
6. Your noodles are ready once they have a nice brownish color.
7. Turn off the stove and take your ramen off the heat.
The recipe
8. Put your ice cream in a bowl.
9. Add your hot fried ramen on top of the ice cream.
10. Enjoy! (trust us, you will enjoy this one)

This is a pretty easy recipe, but don't be fooled by how little time it takes, the fried noodles are the perfect addition to your ice cream. It gives a nice salty flavor that mix perfectly with the sugar of the ice cream. Enjoy!

This recipe shows us that ramen noodles can mix perfectly with almost anything. When fried they get a delicious new taste that can fit very well on top of desserts or other meals.

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